domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010

What I do constant!

Constant ne likes to go out and to enjoy my beings wanted, to eat chocolates and to go out of purchases

Trends in URBE

The reloj of silicon in URBE it is a trend very cool, they are of all the forms and smells

My family.

My father and my mother are separated for 15 years but they are wonderful parents, brother and me I have four five, two sisters and two brothers, I have a beautiful nephew who I adore and everyone always shared.

martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Drinkable water. Esatdo Zulia-Venezuela

IT WATERS DOWN FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. The water must have a few specific properties that support his natural quality (to be transparent, odourless, insipid ...), though he presents disueltas a series of you go out in certain quantities that make her more or less estimated for his use and consumption. To be able to use the natural water, the human beings we must submit it to a set of specific treatments to make her drinkable. This way, the drinkable water must contain either pathogenic microorganisms of any type, nor toxic substances, must have neither flavor, nor smell, nor color, nor disagreeable turbidity.

In the municipality Maracaibo, to open the faucet of the wash basin can have several results, depending of what day is and in what zone he is. There might go out of the valve a long jet of water, a modest thread or an exasperating puff of air, because the water service in the city is rationed for 20 years.

The problem of the rationing is structural, because the distribution system of the city does not have compensation. Normally, the system must cover demands in moments beaks: early in the morning, to the midday and in the evening, when the water requirement increases. But the current system cannot supply the demand of the whole city in these moments ", it makes clear.

Another key expenditure of the system is represented by the numerous captures of drinkable water that are used of undue form for the irrigation of cultures. " The drinkable water used for the irrigation forms a part of a demand that is not assessed, because it is not supposed that it is used by this end ", he says. " This, added to the occasional faults in the pipelines and the not authorized captures, contributes to the depressurization of the system ".

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

"McDonald's and flavor Zuliano"

Flavor zuliano the restaurant that offers us the typical food of the City of Maracaibo, esatdo Zulia. a delicious, juicy, creaking food and sweet desserts and esquisitos.

Menu: Roast meat,Arepitas,Cheeses,Creole plates.

Mc Donals is iu restaurant of very delicious snack food but in big quantities it is harmful due to the fat, the sauces, you eat fried delicious but eceitosas.

the rapides of the service.
Amburguesas juicy.
You eat creaking.
Rich ice creams.

A lot of money becomes exhausted.

They contain too many calories.
In exeso is harmful.

My parents and My boyfriend!

My boyfriend
Harold Riera is a fanatic of the football, she is charmed with going out and sharing with me

My parents

My mother Maria Rodriguez she is charmed with sharing with me and his companions of work and he is charmed with working.

My father Juan Feria works too much and shares little with me, but we love ourselves very much

lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

Choices, Venezuela 2010

The 2010 parliamentary election in Venezuela took place on 26 September to elect the 165 deputies to the National Assembly. Which performed great importance of going out to vote and expiring with our citizen's duty, since in the National Assembly of venezuela there is discussed all the leryes that the President wants to extract for venezuela and to be advisable to have a balance in the same one.